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HTTP ERROR 500 - Where can I get the error log?

Hi all,

My website has been down for hours now, with the error message HTTP ERROR 500.


I called in to GoDaddy, was told it is due to Cloudflare, but checked everything and all points to my hosting server as the one giving issues. Nothing was changed, the website just suddenly went down.


So how and where can I find the error log for such an error?


Community Manager

Hi @NonTechGuy. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! How (and whether or not) you can review your error logs depends on the type of hosting you have. If you can share that information, someone here on the forums should be able to let you know what the process is. Thanks!


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Same issue. Shared hosting. Every CGI script I try results in an internal code 500 error. The issue is, those errors are not logged in cPanel. I can only see code 404 errors.