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Jetpack page not loading

When I click on any of the Jetpack links in my Dashboard (Dashboard, Settings, site stats), all I get is a blank page. Has anyone else experienced this?


Re: Jetpack page not loading

Same with me. I cannot get to the dashboard or settings. I deleted Jetpack and re-installed - no difference. 

Re: Jetpack page not loading

Jetpack support says it is possibly a PHP issue since GoDaddy's is out of date. See:


Re: Jetpack page not loading

Turns out it's working fine now. I gave up on Jetpack and deleted it. I then loaded Akismet spam protection and got that working since I decided to turn comments back on. Then, just for the heck of it, I tried Jetpack again and it installed, connected and is now working as it should. I have access to the dashboard, settings, everything. I don't know what version of PHP my site is on; I can't seem to find that information. Odd behavior.

Re: Jetpack page not loading

I followed your steps and mine is working now too! However, Akismet is asking me to pay for an API key. I can't use the personal option for I have ads on my site.

Here's the PHP version info from Jetpack support:

"your PHP appears to be on version 5.6.30. The latest update is 7.2.0"

Thanks kevinm56! Smiley Happy