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Managed WordPress site is gone

I have a managed wordpress site and suddenly it disappears, actually, even the option in my panel says that i dont have a managed wordpress site, like if i never bought it.... please SEND HELP!!!!

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Super User III

Re: Managed WordPress site is gone



We are end users just like you...

1) What is the domain

2) Do you have multiple GoDaddy accounts perhaps you are logged into the wrong one??

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Re: Managed WordPress site is gone



In addition to what @PL281 suggested, make sure your email address and payment information is up-to-date.  Maybe you weren't receiving renewal emails due to expired payment info?


Either way, get on the phone with GoDaddy today to see if your site/files can be recovered/restored.  There is a limited time for GoDaddy to help you with that if in fact your payment expired and your services cancelled due to no payment.


HTH! Smiley Wink


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