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Managed Wordpress website: Blog post will not publish

I have a managed wordpress website and am attempting to publish my first blog.  It will not publish my blog.  The error received is "publishing failed".  Apparently there is a glitch somewhere. I've been told by tech support that I need to purchase credit to have the issue resolved.  I'm trying to avoid this because its not cheap!


I haven't played around with the settings, I deleted a draft and then created a new one, still get the same message.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Cheers.


It ended up being a quick solution. IP address had to be white walled, the blog published. No money spent!

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Hey there @marijaolea,


It sounds like the REST API may not be working correctly. It's been an issue since WP 5.0 came out for some installations.


Unless you really want to dig in and learn the guts and coding of WordPress, you're likely better off hiring someone to correct the issue. For perspective, GoDaddy sells the WP Premium support for a really good price. If you were to contact me, for example, I charge around $65 an hour. This issue would take around 2-3 hours to correct probably. So, you'd be paying me $200 or more by the time we were done for one issue.


GoDaddy will, however, work on up to 3 issues for you, no time limit other than a 30 day window for using the credits, and it will only cost around $80. That's a great value and they can do it because they have a huge client base to cover the costs. Neither I nor any other independent developer can compete with that. It's just not worth our time.


Short and sweet, unless you want to do a LOT of work under the hood and really learn WordPress inside and out, pay someone to fix it.

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It ended up being a quick solution. IP address had to be white walled, the blog published. No money spent!

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Thanks for coming back and sharing what you did @marijaolea! This info may be helpful to other people who have the same or similar issue. Take care!


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