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Menu customization Mins theme

Hi. Using the GoDaddy Mins theme and I would like better control of the spacing/padding/whitespace associated with the Menu. In general, there is too much white space below the menu and the top of the header image. If the menu could be more in line with how much whitespace exists between the bottom of the logo and the top of the header, then that would be a good start. If both the bottom of the logo and bottom of the top-level menu are on the same horizontal plane, then the whitespace bewteen the menu and header should decrease – which is what I want. (I realize why it is like that and I may yet adjust vertical height of logo and/or header image).

I have played with some css code snippets that I found when searching, but still haven’t quite achieved what I want. I will start with that – although hopefully I can learn some things and then apply what I have learned to sub-menus.


Thank you.

Super User I



What you are doing is how you learn! 😉   


You can find the specific elements that you want to change by using your browser.  Right click on the area you want to look at and select "Inspect Element".  You can then play with the CSS right there in your browser to see what happens and get the results you desire without having to actually touch any code in the files.


Once you do get the look you want, you can then add those modifications to the custom CC box in Appearance > Customizing > Additional CSS.  


I always keep notepad open with my history of changes (and notes) so that I can revert back or tweak what I've already done without having to start over.


Does this help? 😉

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