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Page Loads Sporadically



I have a Wordpress Managed site and I'm using Visual Composer to load some images and they load very sporadically.  Sometimes the middle section images will load and not the top, sometimes none will load.


Inside/Living Room images never load on IE, Chrome IOS. It's like it just stops loading the page. Oddly, Firefox loads the page perfectly every time.)


I've emptied the cache and I'm not seeing any errors. Is there a setting I can change to fix this? GD won't give me my money back for this site and I really don't want to redo it. 😞

Resolver II


I am on a Note 3 and Chrome and do not have an issue. You should check and see if you plugins need to update including Visual Composer.

Thanks for letting me know! Plugins are up-to-date, I only have a few which are mostly admin related. So all the image sections load for you in Chrome? Maybe it's my int connection but it's weird since it loads fine in FF.


It's timing out on admin-ajax.php calls. There are 7 calls from Visual composer and it craps out on completely random 1 sometimes 2 calls . "This request has no response data available."