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PayPal IPN stopped working

My website has been working fine for several months but 2 days ago the PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) to my website hosted by Godaddy suddenly stopped working.


I have not changed anything either on back-end or Paypal Settings.

I have contacted PayPal and they say it is not their problem but is to do with the Hosting server blocking the IPN from reaching my website.


Has anybody got any ideas/solutions?


Thank you very much


Hi @BenFearnley3


Thank you for your post. Sorry for the inconvenience with the current issue. Please contact our web hosting support team to review this concern as it may need some direct investigation to determine where there is a disconnect. Please be sure to provide any information that PayPal may have provided that may help our hosting support determine the cause.


Best wishes!


Hi Techfly,

Thanks for your reply. I have spoken to the GoDaddy web hosting support team 3 times now and they have not been able to help. They say they need the exact error message.location of the problem to be able to fix it which i don't know. 

When i spoke to Paypal all they could tell me was that it was a hosting problem because certain requests are not being allowed by my hosting provider.

Can you suggest where i should ask web hosting support to start looking?

Thanks Again.


Did you get your IPN key from PayPal and add it to WordPress?  If not, search Google for instructions on where to find the key. We are using GoDaddy's Managed WordPress with WooCommerce and the IPN key field was blank.  Not sure when the field was added as we didn't see it previously. 


Hope this helps.