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Set up second WP site for development

I inherited a WP site that I'm now managing, and it's quite old and antiquated.  We want to create a new one from scratch, spend time getting it to the way we like it, then switch over from our current site to this new one.


How can I set up that second site?  Do I need to use an add-on domain?  When I look in the FileManager I can see the existing site and all the other wp files that go into it.  Would I locate the development site in a side folder?


Any help is appreciated, including just links to read up on how to do any of this.  I'm pretty tech savvy so I can get things done, just need to understand how to work with WP and with the GoDaddy setup.  WP is still like a black box to me.




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You could put the dev WordPress install into a subdirectory (domain/devsite).   Work on it to get it exactly as you want and then you can move it over to where the current site resides.


The thing is if you are starting from scratch that would mean all the content is being replaced as well?  In that case, why not consider having your client purchase a Managed WordPress account.  This way you get a temporary URL to work on the site as well.


Then, when the site is complete you just point the domain to the new hosting account.  


Does that help? 😉


"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

@Muse, Yes, I had been planning to try the subdomain option, but I don't have the expertise with this Linux control panel to pull it off.


I like the idea of a Managed site, because I want to get this thing into a form that does not require hardly any technical expertise to run it.  My only hesitation is I've paid for 2 or 3 years of Linux hosting (i.e. the current site) already, and a Managed site would be a different charge, I assume.  If I could carry a Managed site until I get it the way I like it (a couple months maybe), then dump the old site and switch the domain to the new Managed site, along with the subscription I already paid for, I think that would be ideal.



I feel your pain! 😉  I've lost count of the number of times over the past 23 years that I just had to cut my losses.


This may be one of those times for you...   Yes, Managed WordPress is a separate hosting fee that comes with WordPress installed and ready to go.  All you would have to do is migrate your current site over.  There are various ways to do that and even a several plugins to help.


Go for it! 😉


"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin