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Sticky Message removal

Hi. I had GD build me a Managed Wordpress site (, and at first, as you can see on the published site, I had a Subscribe note in the Sticky Message. After I found out that that Sticky Message didn't show up on Android/iPhone, I wanted to remove the Sticky Message and put the subscribe link in the navbar. I did that on the staging site and it looks great; however there is a transparent place on all the pages where the Sticky Message was. How can I remove the blank/transparent space so the navbar sticks right to the top of the screen when you scroll? Thanks.

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Cute site! 😉   If the sticky message is not a widget that can be removed then that will require actual CSS and/or PHP code/file changes to remove that space entirely. ($)


By adding it to the nav bar you've solved the mobile issue.  Why not leave it as is?  A little redundancy is not always a bad thing.


HTH! 😉



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Thanks for looking, @Muse. I was thinking of leaving it with both subscription buttons showing, but was wondering about the redundancy for laptop/desktop users.


I did think it was a widget and by deleting all the content (which I did on the staging site) it would be gone, but that doesn't seem to be the case.



Hmmm... that is odd.  Usually empty widgets will not display or act as placeholders. 


Make sure you don't have any trailing/invisible spaces -- that could be enough to maybe hold it open. 


Otherwise, I would contact GoDaddy and ask what's up with that! 😉

"No pressure, no diamonds." Thomas Carlyle



Thanks again. I am looking for things like that. I'm not a newbie to web design, but definitely am to Wordpress! So your help is appreciated.