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Third Party Hosting and DNS Questions

Howdy everyone,


I'm in the middle of setting up our new site. I want to state that I've done this before so I'm not 100% new at this. However I'm having some trouble. I have the wordpress self hosted site setup, but the DNS on the domain, which is hosted through a third party, won't resolve. It tells me to set the A record to IP Address X.


I have set the A recrod with @, with www, and with the url (sans www and with www) and tried every combination there of, however the domain still wont work. I am currently using the default third party nameservers if that helps at all.


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


Good Afternoon!!


I'm not sure why the third party DNS is giving you such a hard time, but if you're setting up the website with us, you may want to consider using the nameservers GoDaddy assigned for the site. This way GoDaddy has the DNS and can easily connect it to the website you're setting up without having to work through the other company's DNS Manager. I hope this helps!!