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Unable to login to Wordpress admin on mobile

I have a shared hosting plan and installed Wordpress on one of my domains. Current version of installed Wordpress is 4.8.


I can login to /wp-admin via a browser on my PC and do what I need to do, but attempting to access login via /wp-admin from my phone or tablet just keeps redirecting me to the same login form as if I mistyped the password. I cannot seem to login via mobile. Even when my phone is connected via WiFi to my home network, where the IP never changes, I cannot login. I cleared my browser's cache on the phone and no luck.


I searched the forums and made sure things looked correct in the wordpress settings. I have no plugins installed in my Wordpress site. I see on Google that a lot of people seem to have problems logging in via iOS devices and place XML-RPC but no solutions.


The Wordpress site uses a standard out of the box theme with one page -- so nothing fancy at all.


Any ideas what I need to do to troubleshoot and login via mobile?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Unable to login to Wordpress admin on mobile

Hi @sdwebguy, that's really strange.  Can you log in from another mobile device?  A tablet, or another smartphone?  

I'd also suggest checking the app store for the official Wordpress app to see if you can log into your dashboard that way.  




Re: Unable to login to Wordpress admin on mobile

Same problem here. Any work around?