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WP Custom Plugin php file reverts after uploading/editing file

Ok everyone, have one need some help with.  


We have a custom plugin for internal use only, knowledgebase, that we are trying to update, crazy thing is when we upload, (uploading using multiple methods, edit code in cpanel, the new php file, the file stays for about a min then reverts to the old php file.  


One even better the above is happening on a dev subdomain.  on the production site the file takes no problem.  So i clone that site after uninstalling the dev site, and boom same thing happens file reverts, how is it doing that when what i cloned had correct file?


So this is driving me crazy, Godaddy hosting support watched this happen when on phone with me, i have disabled every plugin uninstalled the plugin, ...  any suggestions?  has anyone see this before? 

Super User II



Could it be a PHP version issue?  Different on the server vs. what the plugin is coded for?   😉



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