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WordPress theme Godaddy Lyrical

Hi, Can anybody advise/help with my dilemma.  I am using the Lyrical theme which is child theme of Primer.  Each time I want to make a new page, I can see greyed out different layouts but the default page with one sidebar (right) is always selected.  I don't always want that layout but no matter what I try, I cannot select one of the other layouts.  I have tried clicking on the custom button which then highlights  the greyed out layouts but I cannot select any of them.  Is there a set way to do this?  I have tried re-installing but still the same problem.  Frustrated! Thanks in anticipation, Mike


Hey @dolmardi


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Afraid I'm not familiar enough with this theme to offer any tips. Unless there's another member here who has used Lyrical, sounds like you may want to refer to the Primer Support forums for more assistance on working with this theme. 


Let us know if you manage to work out the issue on your end.

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Click "Custom" and then you can select one of the layouts.

try  switching browsers.  I couldn't make it work with IE, but Chrome allowed me to select a custom layout without the sidebar.