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Wordpress login question

Previous web developer pointed the names servers to his business.  At conclusion of development, the wordpress environment was NOT migrated to our GoDaddy space and the names servers were not set back to standard.  So essentially the developer has been hosting the site.  Would now like to complete the process, with minimal downtime.  Installed Wordpress in GoDaddy space.  Can perform the export from the contractor space.  


Problem: Do not know how to log into GoDaddy Wordpress install as the names servers point to Contractor install.  http://domain/wp-admin takes me to the contractor install.  Is there a way to reference the GoDaddy Wordpress space without using the domain name and login in?


In order to access a new install in the godaddy system the domain name needs to be directed to the new hosting accounts ip address and the nameservers will need to be defaulted from where they currently are managed to the godaddy system typically those resemble these (, they vary and you need to find the exact ones from within the zone file that will be generated in the section the nameservers can be found at the very bottom of the zone file


outlines here


on how to first default the nameservers then you will have access the the zone which contains the new nameservers


keep in mind this will break any email also with the old provider. 

Mike L. | WebPro

If you dont want to change the nameservers there is a way to access it by changing a file on your own computer and telling your computer to go to the specified ip


you add a line of code to the host file instructions outlined here:

Mike L. | WebPro

Thanks for the host file info Michael.  That actually is what I had tried and have been doing in the interim as I'm learning more.  I really would like to also take the advice that Roy gave and use a cloner.  That way I know that my new Godaddy site starts as an exact duplicate of the current production site.


What concerns me is that I'm not smart enough yet to know if a cloner will break the production site because of something internal that is going to look at the nameservers and point back to production.


Will changing the hosts file to include "ip address" domainname www.domainname"  catch all and ease my concern about anything trying to use the nameservers?  I previously did not have the www.domainname entry and was able to see both new Godaddy (ref by IP) and current offsite production (ref by www.domainname).


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Super User II

Hey @WPRookie, I don't usually advise rebuilding a website using export/import but you can do it if you'd like? Make sure that you are importing the images as well by insuring that the download images box is checked. Note also that the image URLs would have to be valid which would mean that you'd have to keep your domains pointed to the current installation while you are building the new one. I'm not so sure that is possible for you to do.


What I'd advise is a nice WordPress Cloner. There are tons available and while I would dare pick one for you have a look around the Internet and I'm sure you'd find one that would cut your migration down to under 30 minutes. I hope that helps?

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

Thanks Roy.  I agree, a cloner is a much cleaner approach.  Thank you.