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Wordpress site using Contact7 for an enquiry form

We have added a contact form to our site ( and are using Easy WP SMTP to set up the SMTP transfers.  Our email uses a standard Microsoft 365 account.  We have set this up correctly (we have set this up on sites with other hosters) and the test area comes back with:

SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection refused (111)SMTP connect() failed.  We then read an article saying that Godaddy block port 587 outgoing.


Is this correct?  Is there a way round this or are we going to have to move to another hoster?



Super User III
Super User III

Re: Wordpress site using Contact7 for an enquiry form



GoDaddy, to my knowledge, blocks that port of shared server environments due to security risks. You can always purchase a VPS or Dedicated server if you wish to open any port up. 


On a shared server environment, leaving this port open is an invitation to get hundreds of hosting environments infected with malware. All it takes is for one individual on one site not updating their platform and a door is open for people that know what they are doing to get in and take over a server. I imagine that would make GoDaddy look pretty bad. It also explains why so many other hosts get so much malware and then completely fleece their customers to clean it up or they go out of business.

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Re: Wordpress site using Contact7 for an enquiry form

Port 587 is an outgoing smtp port - not an opening for malware to get in..  Blocking it means a site can not have an enquiry form - a fairly major negative when evaluating a hosting provision.  A responsible ISP will monitor traffic on all outgoing smtp ports and if any excessive or unusual activity is flagged may restrict traffic and inform the client there may be an issue.  Sorry GoDaddy - we are going to have to take our business elsewhere.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Wordpress site using Contact7 for an enquiry form

I just wanted to clarify here that all outbound email traffic coming from a website hosted on one of our shared hosting servers would need to go through port 25 and use the SMTP server If you try to use a contact form that sends using a different port or SMTP server, it will not work, which seems to be what was happening here. 


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