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forwarding with .htaccess - need specific help

I published an e-book which has dozens of embedded links in it, all in this format:


( is hosted at GoDaddy using Managed Wordpress, and #v60 is an anchor to video number 60 on that page.)


This seems to work flawlessly for most people. However, I just had one buyer of the book who is annoyed that the links lead to a 404 page. I asked him for a screenshot, and it appears -- for some reason -- that the URL in the bar is this:


I checked my raw EPUB and MOBI files for the ebook, and they're both fine, so my only conclusion is that his reader is doing something funky with the # sign and converting it to %23.


So I thought -- what if I go into the htaccess file and write a custom forwarder to take someone from the bad URL (the second one) to the first?


I wrote this into my htaccess file:


Redirect /videos/%23v60


But it doesn't work. If I go to the bad URL ( I get an error 404.


Any tips on writing the URL redirection properly?


Helper VI

@ddas can you check this?


RewriteRule ^/?videos/(.*?)/ ^/?videos/${unesc:$1} [R,L,NE,NC]


Hope it helps!


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I tried it and it didn't work. Sorry...


Small note: in my real site the word is not actually "videos" -- it's three words separated by hyphens and a digit afterwards. So in trying your solution, I replaced "videos" with the actual string. For illustrative purposes, pretend the string is "all-videos-page-4" -- I wrote this into my htaccess:


RewriteRule ^/?all-videos-page-4/(.*?)/ ^/?all-videos-page-4/${unesc:$1} [R,L,NE,NC]


Let me know if I did that wrong.