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initial beaver builder setup

Is there a way to reset my initial web page builder to start over? It was pretty sharp and I would like to use it again. Thanks in advance! M

Community Manager

Hi @salesdroid. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not familiar with the Beaver Builder plugin, but maybe you could uninstall it and reinstall it again to start over. If nothing else, I'd suggest checking out the plugin's WordPress page and using the links there to find more information.  I saw various support channels you can reach out to there. 


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Hey @salesdroid!


Thanks for the kind words! I am one of Beaver Builder's co-founders.


GoDaddy has a custom set of templates and you should be able to access them from the Beaver Builder interface. I believe you can go to the Pages section in the WordPress Admin Panel, then find the page you want to modify, then if you hover your mouse over the page, you should see a Page Builder link. Click that, then click the Templates button on the top right.


Hope that helps! 🙂

I Have went to website through Godaddy Quick Wizard and therefore I already have Beaver Builder Plugin. How can I install beaver builder theme?