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wordpress theme issues with blog

Hi, I've never had to post in any forums for anything before so forgive me. I didnt know where to go to for support since wordpress support told me to go ask for Godaddy help instead.


This is my blog on my site I changed my theme to X Portfolio lately and noticed this theme has big issues with loading older blog posts on the page, I have been trying to find out if its a plugin issue (sometimes ive activated too many plugins and they clash with each other). 


Jetpack options for 'loading posts' really haven't helped me as 2 of the 3 options glitch up this theme (It loaded posts underneath the existing posts for some bizzare reason, basically it is super broken).


Currently the only workaround I could find was to make it load ALL my posts but it shouldn't have to be like this. All i want is infinite scroll to work on my blog page in this theme, cause Its a nice theme. I am really not a coder and haven't touched the PHP editor nonsense because I thought I should be able to make a site work without doing that.


Any help is appreciated, thanks. 🙂

Helper I

Hey, LeafyD,


So you used this option from JetPack?



I just enabled that on a test site I've got trying to help someone else out.  It seemed to work okay... but not perfect.  Take a look:


If that's not the behavior you were expecting, I'm not sure what to tell you.  But I'd be willing to try a few options if that'll help.



Not a GoDaddy employee or support staff; I am a GoDaddy Pro with significant experience using a variety of GoDaddy services.