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    All sudden SFTP stopped working on Friday


    I'm an experienced user of GoDaddy. We had a dedicated server with two domains, very simple stuff.  SFTP is used on a daily basis as upload and download files for internal or vendors. 


    But all sudden from Friday, the SFTP / SSH stopped working, the domain (website) and FTP are all ok. I called GoDaddy support line, but they asked for money to fix it.


    I specifically asked the support to check if there's change on godaddy side as we haven't changed anything for a while and the server been up for 6 months without a restart.  The only thing we did, is restarted the server on Friday see if that can fix the sftp issue.  They admitted there might be hardware or system software upgrade, but asked for one-time charge to fix it as the dedicated server is self-managed.


    Wonder if others in community experience the same sftp issue and what's to do to fix it.


    The symptom/error I got is from FileZilla:  (the same FileZilla works before Friday 4/24) :

    Fatal: unable to initialise SFTP on server: could not connect


    SSH through mRemoteNG:

    server unexpectedly closed network connection.


    Really appreciate any idea.





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    I checked another account I own, separate server, it has the same problem. Cannot connect to the server through sftp or SSH. Definitely something GoDaddy created.


    the patch work Godaddy did on 22 & 23, that somehow screwed up the sftp / ssh?


    Patch History
    Apr 22 21:23:08 Updated: ea-apache24-2.4.43-2.2.2.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:08 Updated: ea-apache24-mod_ssl-2.4.43-2.2.2.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:08 Updated: ea-apache24-mod_unique_id-2.4.43-2.2.2.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:08 Updated: ea-apache24-mod_security2-2.9.3-5.5.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:08 Updated: ea-php55-php-5.5.38-52.52.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:08 Updated: ea-apache24-mod_suexec-2.4.43-2.2.2.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:08 Updated: ea-apache24-mod_deflate-2.4.43-2.2.2.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:08 Updated: ea-apache24-mod_asis-2.4.43-2.2.2.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:08 Updated: ea-apache24-mod_version-2.4.43-2.2.2.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:08 Updated: ea-apache24-mod_expires-2.4.43-2.2.2.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:08 Updated: ea-apache24-mod_env-2.4.43-2.2.2.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:09 Updated: ea-php55-pear-1.10.7-2.4.3.cpanel.noarch
    Apr 22 21:23:09 Updated: ea-php55-php-mysqlnd-5.5.38-52.52.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:09 Updated: ea-php55-php-gd-5.5.38-52.52.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:09 Updated: ea-php55-php-mcrypt-5.5.38-52.52.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:09 Updated: ea-php55-php-curl-5.5.38-52.52.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php55-php-mbstring-5.5.38-52.52.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php55-php-imap-5.5.38-52.52.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php55-php-sockets-5.5.38-52.52.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php55-php-bcmath-5.5.38-52.52.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php55-php-calendar-5.5.38-52.52.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php55-php-iconv-5.5.38-52.52.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php56-pear-1.10.7-2.4.3.cpanel.noarch
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php56-php-mysqlnd-5.6.40-14.14.3.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php56-php-iconv-5.6.40-14.14.3.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php56-php-curl-5.6.40-14.14.3.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php56-php-gd-5.6.40-14.14.3.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php56-php-imap-5.6.40-14.14.3.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php56-php-bcmath-5.6.40-14.14.3.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php56-php-sockets-5.6.40-14.14.3.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:10 Updated: ea-php56-php-mbstring-5.6.40-14.14.3.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:11 Updated: ea-php56-php-calendar-5.6.40-14.14.3.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:11 Updated: ea-php56-php-mcrypt-5.6.40-14.14.3.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:11 Updated: ea-php54-pear-1.10.7-2.5.3.cpanel.noarch
    Apr 22 21:23:11 Updated: ea-php54-php-mysqlnd-5.4.45-69.69.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:12 Updated: ea-php54-php-imap-5.4.45-69.69.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:12 Updated: ea-php54-php-gd-5.4.45-69.69.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:12 Updated: ea-php54-php-mbstring-5.4.45-69.69.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:12 Updated: ea-php54-php-calendar-5.4.45-69.69.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:12 Updated: ea-php54-php-bcmath-5.4.45-69.69.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:12 Updated: ea-php54-php-curl-5.4.45-69.69.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:12 Updated: ea-php54-php-iconv-5.4.45-69.69.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:12 Updated: ea-php54-php-mcrypt-5.4.45-69.69.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:12 Updated: ea-php54-php-sockets-5.4.45-69.69.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 22 21:23:12 Updated: ea-nghttp2-1.40.0-2.2.5.cpanel.x86_64
    Apr 23 21:20:57 Updated: cpanel-wordpress-instance-manager-plugin-3.0.6-1.1.noarch
    Apr 23 21:20:58 wordpress-cpaddon-5.2.1-4.1.noarch: 100
    Apr 23 21:20:59 Updated: wordpress-cpaddon-php56-5.2.1-4.1.noarch
    Apr 23 21:20:59 cpanel-wordpress-instance-manager-plugin: ts_done name in te is wordpress-cpaddon should be cpanel-wordpress-instance-manager-plugin
    Apr 23 21:20:59 wordpress-cpaddon-php56: ts_done name in te is cpanel-wordpress-instance-manager-plugin should be wordpress-cpaddon-php56

    Getting Started

    Did you ever find the solution to this issue? I seem to be having nearly the exact same experience, and I already know that if I wait through the 40-minute hold times, the representative will most likely tell me that I can fix everything by spending a few hundred bucks. I'm not inclined to pay for something I didn't break! Sometime during the last 3 months or so, something changed and now I can't connect to my SSH after doing so without issue for years. None of the recommendations I've found online have addressed the issue, and I can't connect using multiple SSH clients. I hadn't changed any settings between the time SSH was working and the time it stopped working, I just enter my credentials and the server immediately shuts me down at the point when it should connect. Like you were when you made your post, I am hoping for relief!