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    Create Subdomain API

    I currently am trying to integrate an API that could create a sub domain against a domain programatically. I am not sure, if I am missing but I can not see any such API in the listings. Can someone kindly point me out to the link?


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    Re: Create Subdomain API

    Hello @ssc!


    Thank you for your post! Can you provide additional information to help the community answer your question. Type of hosting, etc. Thank you!


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    Re: Create Subdomain using API



    I have same requirement , I have some domains which are purchased from godaddy, When I need subdomain I just add a "A" record on DNS setting manually , Now my requirement is an api which will create subdomain automatically when I call the api with my panel credentials.


    Thank You



    Re: Create Subdomain using API


    URL: https://api.godaddy.com/v1/domains/<registered_domain like abc.com>/records

    headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json', Authorization: 'sso-key key:secret }, body: [ { type: 'A', name: 'subdomain_name', data: 'machine_id', ttl: 3600 } ] }

    method: PATCH 
    NOTE: POST method type will replace all your existing subdomains with passed in body

    refer documentation add subdomain API