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    Max Emails Per Hour not working

    Hi, I have a Godaddy Linux VPS and I want to restrict my users to send only 100 emails per hour per domain, but when I am doing it through WHM or SSH or even through the firewall the rule is not working and sometimes spammers sent thousands of mail without any restriction.


    This is not the issue of only this VPS but I have used many VPS from Godaddy within the last 6 years and none of them sofar work perfectly with max email per hour limit and I contacted Godaddy VPS support several times but always they replyed annoying answers and from years this issue is not resolved even after changing many fresh  VPS server. I was thinking that the issue is within Godaddy datacenter because I also have many VPS from BlueHost and OVH and all other VPS is working fine with rules.


    Is there someone who is using Godaddy Linux VPS with Cpanel and having the same issue, could you help me how can I resolve this issue or I have to change the service provider.