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    My server was deleted and GoDaddy cannot restore content

    I bought VPS from godaddy and i regretted it. My server was deleted without second thought. I used the server as storage/hosting and my years of work are store there. I hosted my clients websites and portals there which godaddy deleted without second thought and the worst part is that they can't recovered the deleted files back.




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    Re: My server was deleted and GoDaddy cannot restore content

    As you’ve posted this topic in a few of the categories on this board you are obviously upset.

    I am a GoDaddy customer just like you and can only speak to my experience.

    In my case I’ve had a server which expired and was deleted about two weeks after it expired which is GoDaddy’s grace period. I did need to get the server back as they were files on it and although I had to pay a restoration fee they were able to do it.

    I also had a VPS server where there was a hard drive issue and I was not taking regular backups and the restore was from about a week or two prior after that I start doing regular snapshots of the server itself

    I can say that I did have multiple notifications via email that the account was expiring and then it had expired. My reason for missing it was that there was also a domain that was expiring at the same time that I was letting go of so I missed the notice about the server.

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    Re: My server was deleted and GoDaddy cannot restore content

    YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. I was told to pay for content restoration fee and pay for another server of the same specification as the one that was cancelled so that they can restore it properly. I asked godaddy to add all the items needed for the content restoration to my cart so that i can make payment which they did and i made the payment.


    This is godaddy's reply.




    Discussion Notes
    Support Staff Response
    Dear Valued Customer,

    We regret to inform you that we were unable to recover any data. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    We have completed a request for a refund to be applied to your account for the Content Recovery service. Please allow up to 48 hours for the request to be processed and for the refunded receipt to appear in the Order History of your account. Once the refunded receipt appears in your account, please allow 5-7 business days to see the funds applied to the associated payment method.

    Any data that needs to be recovered will have to come from local backups you may have created. If you don't have any alternative local or remote backups, the data will need to be recreated. You should be able to use your favorite search engine to locate a historical website archiving service that may help with this.

    Best regards,
    Cory S
    Managed Services


    If you need any additional help, call us anytime at +1 (480) 505-8877 and reference Incident ID [Incident ID: 39167220].

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    Re: My server was deleted and GoDaddy cannot restore content



    I see what you are saying

    1) The re-purchase of the server and the restoration does make sense

    2) The not having the data available for restore - that is surprising


    I know when I had my issue, before I paid for the restore, GoDaddy Support was able to confirm there was a backup and what date it was from. In my case it was from 3 days earlier. In the issue of the server with the hard drive failure, the backup was from about a week earlier.


    The folks here on the forum aren't going to be able to help you further as we are GoDaddy customers like you... and I'm sure your post is a vent as well...


    I can tell you and others that as a personal practice, I backup my files both locally and to a cloud drive. One of the services I use backup to Amazon S3 - I personally don't download the backups, but it something I keep thinking about as what would happen if Amazon had an issue and I couldn't get to the backups AND my sites somehow got messed up then I wouldn't have any backup

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    Re: My server was deleted and GoDaddy cannot restore content

    Hi @Nefariouskings,


    We're sorry to hear that your content was lost. The only time GoDaddy will remove a server, is if the server subscription was allowed to expire or there was a violation of our Terms of Service in its use. While we do send multiple emails surrounding either event, your post did not have enough information to review or determine the cause. If the product expired, you would simply need to purchase a new plan in order to upload your applications and local backups. Please contact our customer support team so they can connect you with the hosting department to review your case and assist. 


    Our community forum is not able to address your issue as there is no access to your account by our volunteers for review. It would be appropriate to contact our support team to determine your options. 


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    Re: My server was deleted and GoDaddy cannot restore content

    As i said before Godaddy was one of my biggest mistake and i wouldn't wish
    godaddy for my worst enemy.

    They are a big disappoint to the IT world.