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    So what does one do with the "email relay server" anyway?

    GoDaddy provides us with an address for "email relay server." Where--if anywhere--does one enter this address?


    Is this entered only by the consumer, on their client device? On the host mail server somewhere? In a domain's DNS record? Or is email relaying happening behind the scenes and divorced from anything you (as host or client) have any control over--the "email relay server" is provided by GoDaddy just as an "FYI", you aren't supposed to actually enter the address anywhere?


    I ask this question as a VPS customer. Previously, I was a shared hosting customer. Before, all I ever needed to know about SMTP was:
    1. Enter "smtpout.secureserver.net" when asked, on all client devices.
    2. Include a username and password (implying that STARTTLS or SSL/TLS was being leveraged).


    Here is what I've found so far on GoDaddy help:

    To start, you have this: https://www.godaddy.com/help/find-my-generation-4-smtp-relay-server-24736


    I have a Gen4 server, so this should be relevant to me. On the face of it, this seems pretty clear. And important. "You must use our relay servers, or risk getting tagged as a spammer." But this help page isn't clearly written. While it notes that "you don't need to worry about these settings," that isn't quite the same thing as saying "you don't need to DO anything with these settings." I worry! I'm given something and told I "must use it," but not given any instructions on HOW to use it.


    The help article seems to imply that this "relaying" is happening in the background, with no action on my part. But is this correct? I want to be certain.


    And then there is a similarly-worded page giving a different relay address. Who knows if this page is more up-to-date than the other, or old and irrelevant. Sigh. What am I supposed to do with this: https://www.godaddy.com/help/what-is-my-servers-email-relay-server-16601


    Who is this page for? It isn't made clear. And again, there is no instruction on what to do with the information they are providing, making me feel like it is just an FYI page. But I don't want to be wrong about this, and end up with my domains blacklisted. Thank you for providing the info, but what exactly was I supposed to DO with "dedrelay.secureserver.net" anyway?

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    Re: So what does one do with the "email relay server" anyway?



    I have a couple of VPS servers and 1 Gen4 - 

    The PHPMailer on the server will use the relay server by default - so if you are using WordPress for example you will see that the email goes out via the relay server. 


    Personally I use Amazon SES for sites on the VPS so that I have better authentication for my outbound mail.


    Hopefully this answers your question

    GoDaddy Pro User - Managing over 300 WP Sites

    Re: So what does one do with the "email relay server" anyway?

    @PL281 wrote:

    Hopefully this answers your question

    It doesn't, but that is perhaps my own ignorance. My question above is very wordy; I was trying to be thorough.


    Here's a TL;DR version:

    GoDaddy has provided us with an address for an SMTP relay server (a2nlvphout-v01.shr.prod.iad2.secureserver.net).


    What are some common scenarios IF ANY that would find me referencing that crazy string of letters/numbers above, and cutting/pasting that text above into something?


    Is there anything I should, or need to, configure on my end?

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    Super User II

    Re: So what does one do with the "email relay server" anyway?

    No you should not have to do anything - it's there for reference - in case you need to whitelist the domain

    GoDaddy Pro User - Managing over 300 WP Sites