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    VPS Very slow today



    Seems that Godaddy removed online chat. It seems that today server is very very slow. We have restarted twice but still seem that it still is slow. Are there any problems today with servers in North America?



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    Re: VPS Very slow today

    I’m with Godaddy since 2005, I switched from service to another, from server to another, I really never had that noticeable slowness issue till Sep 2019 (last year) when my customers emailed asking what is the wrong with my site, I started to monitor the website, I found every few hours times out, I ran automated check to see how goes, all I can tell you things not that good, just try to ping your-site –t  and see how many ms takes and how many losses you get.

    Sure things changed on godady, not like before, I called them many times, I didn’t get any reasonable answer, one the support guy told me I need to cache my website in my browse that will fix the issue (that is godaddy support guy, I wasn’t expecting answer like that from support guy, but you get what you pay for).

    However, moved my site to Linux, thing didn’t improve much, so I decided to get my won VPS, and looks a little better, but now I see you are complaining too.

    Hope they take care of their business.   

    BTW: when I searched what is changed in Godaddy last year, I found they have new CEO, that is very bad news for Godaddy if CEO made the company goes this bad.