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    Very slow website hosted on VPS


    I have a dual core CPU, 4GB RAM VPS with GoDaddy.

    I have hosted a Wordpress Woocommerce site there and it is very slow to load.

    Im new to managing VPS and I'm quite not able to diagnose this issue.

    Can someone please assist me in optimizing my VPS and my website please?

    This is the site : www.babyamore.in

    Thank you Smiley Happy

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    Super User II

    Re: Very slow website hosted on VPS



    I see that you haven't had a reply on this yet - I just took a look at your site and see that your site loaded in about 7 seconds on first load and 3 seconds on 2nd load. 


    I'm based in the US, so perhaps that is why, but it seems very responsive and loads quickly - Is there a specific place / page where you are seeing it slow.




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    Re: Very slow website hosted on VPS

    @hameedimthad Your website needs some optimizing, there's several approaches, you can enable compression to save bandwidth and do some caching and see about making graphics more efficiently packed etc.

    Re: Very slow website hosted on VPS

    Thank you for analyzing my site.

    Actually it was very slow when I posted this thread. Took almost 15-18 seconds to load.

    But all of a sudden it became normal once again. I guess GoDaddy's VPS is to blame.