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    pointing domain to vps not working

    hi all i need help ive bough a vps and setup the account and use the nameserver provided by godaddy vps to set at my domain registrawhich is ns1.secureserver.com and ns2.secureserver.com  but its not working even if i use use dns record set at resistra when adding the account it doesnt work.


    i have another domain in godaddy so i try to add it to my vps also and set the dns to ns1.secureserver.com and ns2.secureserver.com i get the error this nameserver is retired.

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    Re: pointing domain to vps not working

    I have the same problem. I have registered my domain out godaddy. I have been reading a lot of help forums (internet) and many of them mentioned to change the original ns1.secureserver.net and ns2.secureserver.net for ns1.mydomain.com. But I found (other forum) that this change is not necesary.

    I didn't change the original dns, but I still can not reach my website.

    At this point I am confuse. I have a VPS, and the Dns editor option I have been using is in WHM menu.


    Re: pointing domain to vps not working

    what i did to solve this is just keep the dns same and then just create an A record and point it to the server ip address and it works