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    Migrated from Adobe Muse to GoDaddy Websites + Marketing

    GoDaddy hosted my Adobe Muse website with Ecwid shopping cart for the last six years. Adobe's decision to abandon Muse customers forced me to explore other web building tools. At 70, I decided I did not have enough time to learn a full featured complex tool and I opted to use GoDaddy's Web Builder. I hope I don't regret it. 


    It took me about a month to migrate my old site to Web Builder. I tried as much as possible to keep the page names the same as my old site. I published the Web Builder site earlier this week and I thought I would share some of my experiences. My site is at https://www.reverselogic.us.


    Web Builder is not nearly as capable as Adobe Muse. But, I am reasonably happy with the results. Integrating the Ecwid shopping cart was fairly straightforward. The only real problem I encountered was that the YotPO review app I was using with Ecwid generated mixed content and interfered with the display of the SSL padlock. I resolved this issue by uninstalling YotPO on Ecwid and migrating the YotPO review archive to the HelpfulCrowd review app.


    I was able to overcome the alternating white/gray sections in Web Builder by inserting "blank" HTML sections with "0" height between sections that I wanted to display as the same white-white color. An example of this "trick" can be seen at www.reverselogic.us/tesla where there are three back to back white sections.


    One of my frustrations is that my old pages like www.reverselogic.us/contact-us.html don't point to the equivalent contact.us page in Web Builder since the new site does not seem to use .html suffixes on the pages. This means that years worth of links in Google search results and forums where my site was referenced are now broken. Another similar issue is that the item pages in the Ecwid catalog no longer display the entire URL. So links to specific catalog items are no longer resolved and return 404 errors.


    The broken links could probably be fixed if the Web Builder sites allowed 301 redirects to be set up. It would also be nice if 404 errors could be pointed to the home page so that customers don't think I just closed up shop.


    I think Web Builder is probably okay to use as a prototyping tool to describe your site to a professional website builder. But, I am concerned that the limitations may have a significant negative impact on my sales.

    Website + Marketing User since 2-Dec-2019
    Reverse Logic Limited
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    Hello @reverselogic and welcome to the community. 


    Thank you for sharing your experience with the community!

    Very Respectfully,

    Drew Davis
    Navy Veteran and Entrepreneur | GoDaddy Pro user | "Proud to be serving others!"

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    Skilled II

    I encountered an issue with the account sign-in functionality with the Ecwid shopping cart in the GoDaddy Web Builder site. I had to disable this feature in the Ecwid control panel. Fortunately, my customers rarely set up accounts to track their orders. In order for the sign-in feature to work Ecwid needs to know the complete URL to get customers back to their accounts and orders. I suspect this could be a show stopper for some GoDaddy Web Builder customers considering the Ecwid app who need the account sign-in capability.

    Website + Marketing User since 2-Dec-2019
    Reverse Logic Limited