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    Why doesn't GoDaddy Website Builder Support Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking?

    My GoDaddy website is connected to Google Analytics and web traffic appears in GA. However, it is missing all ecommerce information. Revenue and transaction information is not sent to GA. It is really a shame that GoDaddy only supports the traffic info but not the ecommerce info like other website platforms. Are there any definitive plans to make this feature available? 

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    Hi @juststarting,


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    It's Google that's keeping track of the traffic on your website and will only record the visits to the website. You're welcome to download - or export -  your order information regarding revenues and transactions at any time from within the Online Store itself. This article should help get you started. 



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    Google Analytics is able to capture the actual revenues and does so from other ecommerce platforms but unfortunately the revenues from GoDaddy's platform do not get sent to GA. Is this a feature that the GoDaddy team can add as a future enhancement?