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    Wow.. the new GoDaddy! I'm impressed!

    After completely staying away from GoDaddy since 2011, I was back again today because here is where my new client got their account setup. Gotta say I was very surprised to see its totally new look even though I was still uncomfortable being on GoDaddy. But then I found out the old owner/founder was gone [removed by Community Team]. Knowing that made me felt great! So, I decided to browse around. Pretty happy with the new GoDaddy so far, but more importantly I'm relieved and feel better about using the platform again.

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    Hi @Anna7,


    Welcome to the Community!


    Nice to have you back. GoDaddy has made many changes and added exciting new products to help you and your business online. Feel free to pop in to our forums and take a look around. Or ask any questions under the product categories. 



    TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    I am not running in any shape or form and need to get started asap

    Hey @alchemyorganics. Welcome to the Community! If you're looking for advice on how to get up and running, this is a great place to ask questions. I would suggest you create a new topic on a forum board that is closest to what you'd like more information on. That way, you can make the topic specific to what you need to know 😄


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