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A test of the selected domain has failed (HTTP error: 503)

I am receving this error while installing WP. I called customer service. They said try different browser. That was so unprofessional answer. My domain isn't new. If I can't install what I need why am I paying  that much money for useless hosting???

Please help me to solve this !


! A test of the selected domain has failed (HTTP error: 503).

Installatron is unable to install on a domain that is not resolving/loading to this web account.

If this is a new web hosting account, or if this is a newly registered domain, please allow up to 24 hours for the domain to begin working (though usually within a few hours).

If you're sure that the domain is correctly loading to your web account, contact your web hosting administrator.

Technical Error: [1] Written file `/home/xxxxxx/public_html/' not accessible at `'.
2018-03-23T23:09:49-06:00 FAILURE [3; /opt/curlssl/bin/curl] [http code=503] @xxx.180.xx.132(


Look for a control file as a cause. Look for an .htaccess, php.ini, or .user.ini. You might have to tell file manager to show you hidden files.


Also, try going to php processes in your cPanel and clicking to kill the processes.


I had this same error trying to install WordPress to a domain using Installatron through cPanel on my VPS Server. 


The domain was configured to PHP 7.1.  I had to set it to an earlier version (5.6) and then it installed just fine. Afterwards, I set the PHP version back to 7.1.


If your hosting allows you to change your PHP version it may work for you or anyone else having this same issue.

If the primary site associated with your hosting account has SSL, you may have to deactivate SSL, then install WordPress on new domain, then re-enable SSL on primary site.

This was my issue.
Because the primary domain was SSL, wordpress was erroring out for a non HTTPS add-on domain.