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AWstats provided by Cpanel



Can anyone give me any info on the AWstats application provided in Cpanel.

In particular I am wanting to understand the Robot/spiders visitor category.

Is this information reliable?...

It displays time of last visits and number of hits , but is that hits over the entire age of my hosting  or only the duration of the reporting period?

In one report I'm seeing ~850 hits from 1 IP address !!! I infested with Bots or am i interpreting this data incorrectly?


Hey @silentbob


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


As you probably know, search engines use bots to index websites on the Internet. Those Robot/spiders (generally from search engines crawling your site) visits to your website are recorded and shown in this category.


There's a few tutorials out on search engine results to help better explain the results reported, but perhaps the main Glossary from AWStats can help explain the basics. 


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When in Awstats, what is the difference between a websites number of visits and unique visitors?

One visitor can have multiple visits. Especially, if you run a store, the visitors can come more than one time to look at the item before buying. It is still one visitor.