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Addon domain pricing?



I wish to inquire if an addon domain needs to be paid for. I recieved a message like this: 

Act fast and save 20%* on** today. I thought with my deluxe account I can create an addon domain for free.


Helper V
Helper V

Re: Addon domain pricing?

@roameye If your hosting account allows you to use additional domains (Delux allows unlimited domains to be added) there no cost to add the domains to your account but you will have to register the domain and pay for any fees associated with the registration or you will need permission from the domain owner to allow you to use the domain and the registered owner would ether point the Nameservers to Godaddy or change the IP address to point to your godaddy hosting account

Re: Addon domain pricing?

Please I have deluxe hosting but when I add an addon domain, it not working. Page not found. What do I do?