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All sites on server wont load wifi but loads on 4g?

My head is spinning


All of my sites are down on cpanel server but its more complicated than that. I've checked on 3 separate computers, 2 tablets and 1 smart phone i also cleared my browsing history and cookies. My sites wont load when using a wifi network but will load on the 4g network. Also, I live in central florida and my friend in canada tells me my sites are working on a wifi network. 


what the heck is going on?


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working from Scotland!! Smiley Happy

Suspect it's your wifi. Try 'Power cycling' (er, switch it on and off) or look into settings......

That's not something anyone but you can do, but at least your site isn't down....

First thank you for your reply 🙂


Friends in Canada and Arizona have told me the same thing "works fine!" but site(s) do not work in Orlando, only on a 4g network. 


I find this to be odd because "" or "" and even "" all work perfectly but every site on my server does not.

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but they are working well, at least to the rest of us, so it has to be a fault at your end otherwise those of us at this end wouldn't see your sites!


You should contact support and see if they can help you figure it out as they can access your account and settings and also run tests.