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All webpages now display "pageok" and that's it. Please help.

I signed up for the GoDaddy WordPress and this started happening shortly after. "pageok" doesn't come up on any of the GoDaddy created WordPress pages, but it DOES for ANY other page on my website regardless of what extension or folder it may have/be in.


This also occurred after I attempted to upload a mini "Facebook"-like app, but even after deleting these files which never worked to begin with, I still have the same problem.


Based on another post ( I changed my A record to the IP in my cPanel and I was able to finally view a file on a subdomain of my website, but still everything else says "pageok", even though I changed the first 5 A records.


In fact, since changing the IP in the A records, the only files that work are the ones on my subdomains, while the WordPress files no longer come up. So works, but (where my blog was) doesn't. Don't know why the regular www. doesn't work...nor why the blog has stopped.



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See you haven't received any responses....


Hard to tell without seeing what you have setup and your DNS record.  Your DNS is probably at the heart of what you describe.  If you have an A or C record that no longer applies or is not setup properly that can mess things up.


Also check to see if you have an .htaccess file in the root.  You can use the .htaccess to point the non-www to www or visa versa.


HTH! 😉


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