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Can't connect to with python when logged into cpanel

Hi All,

I have Ultimate Linux hosting with cpanel.  I want to run a python script as a cron job. The problem is that the script keeps failing when trying to connect to Godaddy's mail server with an error of 'connection refused'.  I also SSH'd into cpanel and tried just running python and executing only the python command to connect to (poplib.POP3_SSL('') port is implied in the function) but still getting a 'connection refused' error.  This python program has been running for several years and I can run it on any computer or network without issue.  My problem only happens when I try connecting to while trying to run it on my hosting platform.  I can access my domain mail server but no other outside mail servers.  Is cpanel or Godaddy blocking access to outside pop servers for shared hosting on cpanel?  Or do I have an incorrect setting somewhere? BTW this is Godaddy's pop server as I have a Workspace email plan and it is one of those email accounts that I am trying to retrieve data from.  Thanks in advance, any help is much appreciated!!


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Community Manager

Re: Can't connect to with python when logged into cpanel

Hi @tcwaves. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to do this. cPanel accounts do not allow connections to mail servers other than, which is the SMTP relay server for our hosting platform. You may consider setting up the domain to use cPanel email instead, then email files would be stored on the server itself. 



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Re: Can't connect to with python when logged into cpanel



While that's not the answer I was looking for at least it is a definitive answer to my question that now allows me to pursue another course of action and stop banging my head against the wall, thank you very much!