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Cannot GET /[object%20Object] cant access cPanel

Help me please. I have issue going in my cpanel. My website will not load and i have no access to my FTP. My website keeps getting error. When i try to access my cPanel, i get this error

Cannot GET /[object%20Object]

Please help me


I am also facing same issue

I am also having the same issue. For the last 30 Minutes .

I am facing the same issue.

I am facing the same issue


Cannot GET /[object%20Object]

The same problem for me too...

Harikrishna Reddy

I am facing same issue can you tell me how to fix this my live site is down

I also have the same issue. please help

Having the same issue as well. Looks like some outage at GoDaddy's end.

I have the same problem

same issue

Hey your website is running now.How did you resolve the issue!

I am also facing same issueSmiley Sad

Cannot GET /[object%20Object]

yep - same error happening now for me 

Natalie Moore

I'm facing the same problem... I need to update a content urgently. but, cPanel is not working for more than 5 hours... GoDaddy sucks...


Cannot GET /[object%20Object]&goto_uri=frontend/gl_paper_lantern/filemanager/index.html


Been receiving this error for about 3 hours now! really annoyed with Go Daddy!




Cannot GET /[object%20Object]

same problem Smiley Sad 


Same issue here.

I'm having the same issue as well, I figured I did something wrong with my WordPress custom theme? I guess not though if everyone is having this issue. Man Sad


Re: Cannot GET /[object%20Object] cant access cPanel

I am facing the same issue  😞

I am having the exact same issue.