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Cannot access cpanel

I'm trying to login to my hosting cpanel but cannot, and having an error that does not have any meaningful information that can help me figure out the root cause ;(


CPanel issue


Re: Cannot access cpanel

Im also getting the same error. I tried calling with a 54 minute wait time.

My site is down completely alone with my wordpress dashboard. 

This is not on my end, everything is working properly. 


Update. Seems servers were down for around 20 minutes. Everything is working now. 

This is something that shouldn't happen ever. Kinda disappointed.


Re: Cannot access cpanel


I totally agree with you, it shouldn't happen ever. any way it came back now.


Re: Cannot access cpanel


It's working now without any modifications, thank you Smiley Wink

Re: Cannot access cpanel

I cant use webhosting cpanel- Manage option please suggest so I can edit my page as soon as possible.

Cpanel log me out from its main page

I had recently bought a domain and setup my cpanel. But cpanel only loads main page, whenever I click on any link on main page, it simply log me out. Anybody who can tell me what's I am missing here?...Thank you


Re: Cpanel log me out from its main page

Hey @bestonpaper


Just to clarify, you are able to login. However, once you take any action within the dashboard you're immediately logged out? Are you behind any network firewall or anti-virus applications where you can configure your connection to our hosting services to be unfiltered? You may also want to try connecting to the dashboard through another device/browser/network if available to see if the same issues are occurring as this almost sounds like a local issue. 


If you end up duplicating the same issues through more than one network/device then you'll want to reach out to our live support by phone or chat to assist further in investigating the cause. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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