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Helper I
Helper I

Dedicated IP address home page



Recently I've purchased a dedicated IP address for my cPanel Linux hosting where I have multiple websites hosted.


Currently, if user types in dedicated IP address in browser it will open one specific website hosted on my cPanel Linux hosting, although that website domain name is not set as the primary one.


Question: Wondering where and how I can change that, so that i.e. if typed in, dedicate IP address actually opens a default GoDaddy page Future Home Of Something Quite Cool.


Thanks for looking at this.




Re: Dedicated IP address home page

So, I was actually pretty curious about this one.


I went into my server and I couldn't find a way to change the IP address within cpanel for a dedicated website. I run a VPS through Godaddy though, so I have access to WHM which is a level higher than the cpanel you are most likely looking at. I do have a way within WHM to change the IP address of my various websites.


My recommendation to you is to contact Godaddy support and see if they can change it for you, I think it is above your level of access. Purchasing the dedicated IP, to the best of my knowledge, just means that you will have that listed to your hosting services rather than being put on one that is shared with others. To get where you want it to be, I think that would require some work from a little bit higher access on your hosting services that what you have currently.


If you do contact them and they help you find it in your cpanel, please post and let me know! I'm very curious about this particular issue.


Re: Dedicated IP address home page

GD support should be able to change this for you.

Helper I
Helper I

Re: Dedicated IP address home page

Finally I manage to call GoDaddy support and they solved it.


Just to confirm here for the cPanel Linux hosting only, if your dedicated IP address is opening a website within your hosting which You actually would not like to open, in order to change that You have to make a phone call to GoDaddy support Hosting department, and request the change.