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File Usage is increasing without uploading any files

Suddenly File Usage Started Increasing Like crazy. 

In Disk Usage I can See Total Size is Only Approx 1.5 GB But The Main Problem is that Other Usage† is Showing 21 GB which is using against my quota I do not upload any big files at all. I asked help through Online Chat But She definitely Do not know anything and did not understand anything at all  


See Screenshots Of Usages

File Usage

Disk Usage

Other Usgae


Now They Are Forcing Me To Upgrade Which I can not afford at all . I m really disappointed by godaddy 




I have the same problem mine is nearly 700,000 / 250,000 😞

My file usage is back to normal but i still cant upload a image through WordPress as i am still getting the error "Missing Temporary Folder"  


Backups? Not sure what hosting plan you are on but I had backups do this once. They just kept piling up. Depending on the hosting plan they may not be easy to notice.

same with me. i have less than 60,000 files but its showing me 250,000 plus and asking for upgrade. what is the solution for this

Hi @nadirali.

If you are seeing something like this and are certain that the file usage count is incorrect, I can only suggest that you call Support to review your hosting plan in detail. They can be reached through any of the numbers on this page:


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

i have had the same issue and then i found that the wordpress backup plugin keep making backups and save them in the hosting folder.

Godaday told me that my site had been hacked and a malicious file was sending emails from my site.  they first suggested upgrading my resources but i got them to look deeper and they found from a scan they ran that i had no emails set up in my page and that it looked like i had been hacked.  they sugested a site security monitor should be installed and scan daily for malware.

I think you must check the MAIL > NEW folder. I have the same problem and I found many spam files in there. Seem the files generated by the system.

Disk Usage.png