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Hosting server has been going down for 28 hours and counting

My "Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel" server has been going down for the last 28 hours and counting. It stays down for minutes at a time, sometimes 10 minutes, then it comes up, then down again a few minutes later. I know this because I have a service that monitors when the server is down. GoDaddy phone support is no help since they act like there is no problem at all.


I've been a GoDaddy customer for almost 10 years, and its been the same terrible phone support always. I've even spoken to a "supervisor" for another issue like this (1 year ago) who said that they don't have to guarantee uptime to one customer because they have over 5 million customers, and as long as 99% of their 5 million customers have working service, the rest of us (1%) don't matter. And even though I cannot get the service that I paid for, they absolutely will not give a refund, according to the supervisor's words.


So GoDaddy collects money for a service that it is not providing. I've paid for a year of hosting, it's not working, and I cannot get a refund. Worse, no one at GoDaddy can fix the problem, because the server continues to go down every few minutes.