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I/O limits

I have a Business hosting, and it says clearly herein this link that my I/O operations are unlimited:

However, when I log in to my dashboard and check the concurrent usage, it tells me I am limited to 1024 I/O operations and that I am nearing my threshold. My website went down few times today (Error 503) while I was editing one post. 

Can anyone from GoDaddy explain to me this?


Hi @yacine,


Thank you for posting. If you are seeing that you are limited to 1024 I/O its possible you may not have the business hosting plan, please reach out to our support team to further research this.


Lisi - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

I know very well my hosting plan and it is Business Premium for which I pay 40USD pr month.

As for the support, is there a ticketed support? I have already had to deal with the phone support and the least I can say about your support team is they are liars and useless, on top of the fact that they are rude and arrogant. 

the i/o limit seems to be a joke.  I have zero vistors other then myself to my site, as i just edit layouts, .css colors ect, posting nothing, uploading no pictures ect and SOME HOW.. mine is always  maxed out, and godaddy solution was for me to upgrade..  Just seems like their is a scam here.