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I can't access my public_html to upload anything to my site

Please help!

I am a novice and a very frustrated one at that.

I'm just trying to upload a 'coming soon' file to the public html folder on my cPanel file manager and NOTHING is happening. 

I called support and he just told me they won't help me with this and told me exactly what I already know/won't work..

I hope someone can help me 😞 


Are you using your primary cpanel username or did you create a new ftp user?


If you created a new ftp user the issue may be that you dont have access to the proper directory


ie: public_html/ftpusername


instead of 




this can be corrected by re creating a new user and modifying the directory access level.


be sure your index page is located in public_html to resolve correctly.

Mike L. | WebPro
Helper IV

To log in through FTP (FileZilla).  You should know the primary credentials of your web hosting.  Follow the video tutorial below.


Thank You.