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I cannot access Cpanel and all my hosted websites are down

All of my hosted websites are down from morning today (20th March 2018). When I try to go to a website it gives an error message that "This Site Can't Be Reached (ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT)"

and I can not access my Cpanel too. It shows and error message and asks me to try again.

Here is the screenshot

Screenshot-2018-3-20 My Hosting.png

Can anyone tell me what this issue is? Is it a problem of my end or a Godaddy server problem?

Helper V



The uploaded screenshot is not showing up, I only see an un-moderated pic...

Checked GoDaddy Infrastructure status!, everything is operational...

Anyway please call GoDaddy hosting department, and they will certainly resolve this...


Thank you




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

Same Issue.

The support team has no clue whatsoever. They are giving the worst replies possible clearly showing they go no idea as to whats causing the issue


Extremely disappointing when the tech guy doesnt even know which server we are based out of and gives a lame reason like a maintenance in the US 😕


Need urgent help to my query as well -