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Getting Started

I cant insert into nor update Mysl database

hi everyone,  I bought a hosting (Economic) plan from GoDaddy about a week ago but for some reasons I cant access my Mysql database to do the typical insert and update.


for example, my site is a typical forum that means users will post topics and all but ever since i moved to goDaddy that is not just working again.


It works on my localhost...


I have granted priviledges to the user and i am using PDO


I am using  Cpanel hosting type.


What is wrong?


Getting Started

Here is my Config.php setup


//MySQL user account.
define('MYSQL_USER', 'xxx');
//Our MySQL password.
define('MYSQL_PASSWORD', 'xxx');
//The server that MySQL is located on.
define('MYSQL_HOST', 'localhost');
//The name of our database.
define('MYSQL_DATABASE', 'ixxx');
* PDO options / configuration details.
* I'm going to set the error mode to "Exceptions".
* I'm also going to turn off emulated prepared statements.
$pdoOptions = array(
* Connect to MySQL and instantiate the PDO object.
$conn = new PDO(
"mysql:host=" . MYSQL_HOST . ";dbname=" . MYSQL_DATABASE, //DSN
MYSQL_USER, //Username
//The PDO object can now be used to query MySQL.