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I upload my website files to public_html, but it's still showing "coming soon"

I have both "home.html" and "index.html", it's just a static webstie, in my public_html directory, it has all the css and js files, including home.html and index.html. I enter the id address for the website, "coming soon" is shown up.

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Typically what I do with new hosting is create a archive (.zip file) of the root directory then delete the contents (minus the .zip file of course). I'm a bit of a neat freak and it gives me a clean directory to work with. I then go in with my custom files and have no issues with naming or wondering where any files came from. That usually acts as a hard reset and my custom files come right up. 


I don't know how long ago you made the changes @sayakura but that page could just be cached? It might just take some time to propagate? Try opening up a private browsing window and see if you see the changes. I hope that helps? 


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