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Is drupal still available on Linux web hosting?

Is drupal still available on Linux web hosting?

Trying to get a straight answer on this is immensely difficult (always my experience with GoDaddy unfortunately).

Drupal is listed in the cpanel but when I click on it the message is "No applications found" which I assume means it has been removed.

Over a month ago, after 30 min on the support line, I was told that it is probably a mistake that the icon is still there in the cpanel but confirmation could not be given that Drupal was no longer available nor, if it wasn't, why . And "yes"said the support guy, "I'll  tell the admins about it and get the icon removed and some explanation provided to customers". Well no, the icon is still there and Drupal still will not install.


I am amazed how poor GoDaddy's "award winning" support is on matters such as this.

Any help appreciated.


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Super User III

Re: Is drupal still available on Linux web hosting?

Hey there!


I logged into 3 separate instances of Linux cPanel and was able to install Drupal on all 3. It sounds like perhaps there's an issue with your cPanel installation. I would call back into support, make sure you get to the Hosting department, and explain the issue. Ask that they elevate the issue to Advanced Support. It will most likely require a support ticket of some sort. 

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Re: Is drupal still available on Linux web hosting?

Fixed, by having cPanel and PHP 7 installed.

Pity all those like me who had the older style ("grid") panel and PHP 5.3 and never got a hint - not a hint - why Drupal wouldn't  install. It would seem to me obvious if the system says " app not compatible" it is for a reason. Why not tell the user what it is? Anyone installing Drupal would  know enough to use that information.