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Migration to cPanel from Classic Hosting

To migrate from Classic hosting to cPanel hosting, I am to create a new free cPanel hosting acct, eventually moving all the site data to there.  But the instructions refer to making it 12 month only, and using the code from an email that godaddy is to send, so that the cost is $0.  But how do I get godaddy to send me that email code?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Migration to cPanel from Classic Hosting

Hi, @GrampsProject. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! The article you linked to was something that was published quite a while ago when we were just beginning to offer cPanel plans. At that timer, there was a promotion for free accounts. If you do not have a promotional offer already, you would need to purchase the plan. We can not provide promotional offers here. You can purchase a one-month subscription to cPanel if you wish. 


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