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Modify web log format

My web site is behind a CloudFlare reverse proxy for DDOS protection. So now my raw web logs are only recording CloudFlare's IP addresses and the not the actual source. In addition to the standard X-Forwarded-For header, CloudFlare also inserts a custom CF-Connecting-IP header that contains the visitor's true IP address. I would like my raw web logs to record that CF-Connecting-IP address in addition to the CloudFlare IP. Is that possible and if so how do I go about it?  From what I've been reading elsewhere, it involves changes to a httpd.conf file that Apache uses. I've yet to find the location of this file, however.


Hello @kdb!


Thank you for posting. I'm pretty unfamiliar with this type of setup. However, I do know that you wouldn't be able to pull that information from logs on your hosting account. I'd recommend checking with CloudFlare to see if that information is obtainable through them. 


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Cloudflare does not keep logs, except on their most expensive plans, and even then for only 3 days according to this:


This is why the source IP is embedded in the headers so that the Apache web server can place it in its own logs. GoDaddy should consider adding support for this, or at least allow me to configure my own httpd.conf file. Having your customers run their web sites through Cloudflare helps protect your whole network. You should be encouraging that.