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Occasionally: Site can't be reached on mobile, works on desktop always

We have a super strange problem that we have had for a while, and just cannot figure out.


We have a cpanel server running 4 wordpress websites with 1GB ram etc, it runs them all just fine and they always load just fine on desktops.


Sometimes ALL the 4 sites on this server just times out on mobile + tablet. At the same time, we can load all 4 sites just fine on my laptop (I can load the sites 50 times in 50 tabs, all open, no problem) and all the sites load just fine on


BUT at the same time, none of them will load on my phone. Chrome will just try and try and then time out and say site cannot be reached. This goes for all 4 sites on this server so it must be the server I think.


Trouble is, then I wait 10 minutes, or 1 hour and all 4 sites load just fine on the phone and will then work on the phone for a day or 2. Then it will happen again, but they never go down on desktop.


I thought it was the Chrome problem, but this also happens on Firefox and on my android phone and android tablet (I do not have an ipad or iphone to test it on when this happens).


It is driving me mad and I have no idea where to start, where to look, there is nothing in the logs at all, no errors. The phone just do not want to connect at times, but the desktop happily does.


Any idea at all?

Helper V

Clear your browser cache on mobile and desktop and cross check

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we are presenting the same issue. 


What did you do to solve it?

Hey  CoffeeAndMagic, we are presenting the same issue. 


What did you do to solve it?