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Problem loading page error: C-Panel SSL creation and Cloning

Hi all,


I have been developing a Drupalo/Opigno website and successfully downloaded and installed Opigno LMS, and, imported it into Installatron to help manage back-ups and development sites etc. This has been working fine and I have several times cloned my live('ish) site to create a mirror/synchronised  development site. They are hosted within a sub-domain which is within my main domain of, both of which contain simple html websites.


Yesterday, out of the blue I started getting messages from Microsoft that all my sites were untrustworthy and refused to give me access, except via a confirm to continue or report page which pops up everytime I changed page. I then switched browser and started using Firefox which, as it should, gave the untrusted certificate warnings but, did not otherwise interfere with my work.


I followed the instructions as best I can in C-Panel for creating and uploading personal and public keys for ssl and created a self-signed certificate (not wanting to pay for the external signing service at this point in time). This appeared to go well, except that when I tried to click on the https link, I got a not installed properly message. Both my live and dev sites at the original http://www. addresses however, both seemed to be working perfectly fine.


Today I uninstalled the devsite and tried to clone the live site again because I found some errant code in my dev site that I presume I created by accident. i.e. siltes/all/libraries/*.*  The sites/all and siltes/all directories did not fully delete because of pemissions set to 555. I changed the permissions to 755 manually and deleted them from the devsite directory so that it was empty. Finally I ran the clone live site from installatron back into the same directory as I had done previously (domain:, copying the exact same set-up automatically. Note, I did not select the https:// domain option because of the previous ssl site error message and the existing site had seemed to be working OK still. According to Installatron, the cloning worked each time and both dev and sandbox  versions of the site are shown correctly with site links in 'my applications' section.


This time, when I tried to access the site from the browser, I got an error message saying "problem loading page", and

"The page isn’t redirecting properly
Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
    This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies."


In the address bar, I noticed the addition of /install.php on the end of the address which, I had not typed in and was not in the Installatron link, i.e. www.*.sbox_opigno-d7/install.php


I have tried accessing the devsite with both Firefox and with Google Chrome, but to no avail.

This has brought all my development work to a complete halt until this problem is solved.


Can anyone help?